Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fitting the Pieces Together

Fitting the Pieces Together

Now that I have a deeper understanding of the different learning theories and learning styles, I am not sure my view has changed much from the beginning of class. As I stated in the first week, “I think it really depends on what type of learning is being performed as to what type of learner I can be”.  I definitely am adult learner now, but depending on the situation, I could use several of the other theories. Malcolm Knowles referred to five assumptions to “describe the adult learner as someone who:

  • Has an independent self-concept and who can direct his or her own learning
  • Has accumulated a reservoir of life experiences that is a rich resource for learning
  • Has learning needs closely related to changing social roles
  • Is problem-centered and interested in immediate application of knowledge
  • Is motivated to learn by internal rather than external factors” (Conlan, Grabowski, & Smith, 2003, p2)

I believe all of these can apply to me as an adult learner. Learning about the different theories has helped me understand how I learn differently in various situations, depending on the material to be learned. I also believe I can better understand how different students will be able to learn in the classroom which will help in being an instructional designer.

Technology plays a huge role in my learning. Just with this degree program, as with my Bachelor’s, I have used the internet for research, discussion and application posting, and emails. I have just learned to add narration to a PowerPoint presentation and post it to a website, and use Word documents for postings. I have created this blog and posted to it, and add RSS feeds that I get updates on with Google Reader. I have files that I save online and on my local computer. At work, I use a lot of internet resources for educational purposes and reference. In fact, my primary role is teaching and troubleshooting one program, although I help with other programs as well.

Conlan, J., Grabowski, S., & Smith, K. (2003). Adult learning. In M. Orey (Ed.), Emerging perspectives on learning, teaching, and technology. Retrieved from

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